This would be my starting point for discussing national gun control standards.

  Implement Red Flag law

  BATFE establish national database of ineligible gun purchasers
          -  eliminates universal background check
          -  provide search confirmation as part of sale
          -  requires private sellers to utilize database 

  Registration and licensing of weapon
          -  no changes to current allowable weapons
                      -  would continue to allow unmodified military grade weapons
                      -  would not include ghost guns
                      -  weapon modifications would need to be registered
                      -  high capacity magazines would need to be registered
          -  annual license renewal
          -  3-year physical inspection and license comparison by local authority
          -  insurance required

          -  posession of unregistered/unlicensed weapon is a felony punishable by 10 years in prison
          -  failure to obtain 3-year physical inspection and license check is a misdemeanor with fine of $5,000
          -  failure to resolve misdemeanor fine within 3 months initiates forfeiture of expired weapons
                    -  warrant issued by local court
                    -  failure to forfeit weapons becomes felony under posession of unregistered/unlicensed weapon
          -  failure to report stolen or missing weapons is a felony punishable by 5 years in prison
                    -  when not reported prior to license renewals
                    -  weapon used in a crime and not reported missing
          -  BATFE database to monitor after purchase changes and report to licensing authorities when owner becomes ineligible
                    -  implements license revocation process
                    -  forfeiture process with warrant 

           -  any concerned citizen can report a potential offender
                    -  if reported offendor is convicted, a $10,000 reward shall be given