These are a few of the actions I fully support.


I support the need for constituents to be able to meet with their representatives in person.  I will host town halls across the 24 cities of the district during off sessions of congress.  


I support the fundamental principles that this country was founded upon, life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness.  We should be allowed to live our lives with laws that promote freedom and opportunities and not as a means to oppress or take away individual freedoms and rights.


I support working across the aisle with members of all parties.  We have more in common than differences.  We should strive for fair and reasonable middle ground on issues so that we slowly move forward instead of staying stagnant and getting very little accomplished other than partisan progress that satisfies one side but causes the disollution of belief by others that our government cannot work together.


I support governing in a responsible manner, taking responsibility for my decisions, and striving to always do what is right, even when that choice is not popular.


I support the rule of law especially in the peaceful protest against injustices.  Absolutely no one is above the law but sadly the scales of justice and legislation are favored by those with means.  I stand for fairness and not for the pursuit of protecting irresponsibility, unaccountability, or profits through our legal system. 


I support equality for all within the bounds of legal, ethical, and moral considerations.  


I support diversity in all manners.  Diversity is not about skin color but how we are all different.  Diversity enables synergy where the combined effect is greater than the sum of its parts.  Diversity helps us to grow in understanding those who we believe are different than oneself.


I support women's issues that impose an unfair disadvantage to their rights and freedoms based upon their gender.  These include the right of choice, economic equality, representation, and ending violence against women.


I support voting rights.  We should be making voting more accessible and nationalizing voting standards for federal offices.  We need to eliminate political gerrymandering and protect votes from being over-ridden by rogue officials and politically motivated boards.  Every vote needs to count and it is time to reconsider how the Electoral College should work.


I support an individuals freedom and less government intrusion into our lives.  With freedom comes responsibilities and accountability.  Government has a major role in protecting us in many ways.  From such things as the food we eat, to the planes we fly on, and from enemies who want to do us harm.  But our representatives cannot be allowed to use misinformation or lies to take away our freedoms, whether it is a right for a women to choose or the books we have in libraries as examples. 


I support modified term limits for members of congress.  While I believe we should all have the choice to vote for whomever we choose, history has shown that incumbents have an unfair advantage over their challengers.  This advantage has led for decades long careers for some.  Elected public service should never become a career.   I would propose representatives to four 2-year terms and senators to two 6-year terms.  The modification would be that they could run beyond these terms but only as a write-in candidate.


I support working in all manners to accomplish WIN-WIN results.  When we strive to meet in the middle, we move forward in small steps.  When one side goes for getting all they want, we go nowhere.  A one trillion dollar Build Back Better Act  with bipartisan support would have been better than  nothing.  We will never get to a WIN-WIN attitude when a party's intent is to put party over country first.