These are some of the values and beliefs I hold.   


I believe courage is doing the right thing even when it is unpopular.  I would be proud to serve on the January 6th House Select Committee or any other panel investigating the January 6th insurrection.


I believe elected officials who have made careers out of politics for their own power and prestige have lost the ability to tell the truth and instead cater their messages to their radical bases to further their own agendas over those they serve .  It will take leaders who will serve all their constituents with truth to power.  


I believe elected officials should be completely transparent and open in all matters that relate to their constituents or for matters where they are representing their constituents as a member of congress.  The only matters that should remain concealed are those relating to security classifications, recognized privileges, or for personal privacy considerations.


I believe in an authentic leadership style that is transparent and ethical. A style that listens to others and encourages information sharing. I am aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations and work to positively manage expectations of others.


I believe to effectively serve others one must be believed and trusted in all aspects of their messages. To me, an example of this is admitting that trickle-down economics has failed the middle class and has increased the gap between the haves and have-nots. 


I believe keeping promises and helping others along with the other moral traits listed here are essential to fulfill the role of a public servant who will put others above themselves.


I believe problem solving can only be accomplished through logical and rational thought rather than through sheer emotions.  Too much of our current discourse is driven by emotion and fear and this must change.


I believe the current way we view our fellow citizens as red or blue, right-wing or left-wing, or just not like me, has made us forget how to respect others and the differences they bring to the table.  We need to stop the name calling and bring mutual respect back into our public discussions. 


I believe that to be just, impartial, or fair, one must rely on truth, fact, or reason and not influenced by emotions alone.  The outcome does not need to be a win-lose proposition.  I strive for win-win outcomes where everybody does not get what they want but they are all better off than what they started with.


I believe we fail to understand others when we cannot imagine what it is like to walk in another's shoes.  True discourse cannot take place until each side can respect, even when disagreeing, what and how an issue concerns them, from their point of view.  Without this understanding we will continue to talk past each other and not too each other.


I believe that my humble background and experiences are not much unlike many others who are tired of today's politics.  As a second generation; public K-12 school educated; veteran; minimum wage to living salary; son, brother, husband, father, uncle; beneficiary of social services; college educated in my 40's; pennies in my pocket; laid off and unemployed; verge of losing home; struggling in many ways American; I appreciate the lessons and opportunities that life has given me and I believe strongly in the adage "there but for the grace of god I".